Malaysia – Singapore | Boarder nightmare

Day 31 :We had an absolute nightmare journey to Singapore!

Crossing the boarder

We headed to BST station for 10:00am to catch the 12:45 bus. The bus was delayed and then cancelled at 13:15…not that the bus station guy was going to say anything at all untill serveral people asked what was happening. We had to then go and swap our tickets but the next bus wasn’t untill 14:00…which was then delayed again!

A visa for Singapore is free and given on arrival. Plus it’s another stamp for your passport which is always a bonus!

Finally we caught a bus although it kept stopping all the time and the driver seemed pretty dodgy and unfriendly. We stopped at JBL station before crossing the Malaysia-Singapore boarder. They only give you 30mins to get through customs…which is impossible unless you are Singaporean or Malaysian. So when we finally got through customs our bus had disappeared (with my only hoddie I might add!). Not only that, the boarder is not that well signposted so we somehow managed to go through customs twice, stupidly following a french couple from our bus, and had to be escorted around to the exit by the police here :s who were actually really friendly and helpful.

Some of the vehicles on the outskirts of Kuala Lumphur were a bit crazy…here some cows being transported.

More bus drama…
Stranded my bro came up with another plan = get the bus from the near by ‘Woodlands center‘. Here we struggled to even get a bus or know where we were going because every bus we tried to get on they said ‘Malaysian only’ – which turned out to mean they’re going to Malaysia I think (we never did actually find out for sure). Some guys helped us get the right bus but then the conductor wanted exact change so a frustrated local pay the extra coinage we didn’t have on us just so she could get on quicker! Quite embarrassing tbh. This bus took us to the train station where we picked a random place to go to: China town.

Arriving at 22:00 we asked some guys with backpackers where a good hostel was and they directed us to the nearby ‘Fivefootinn‘ ($95USD for 3 nights!) and a $20 deposit. Most hostels here will take any currency up to the USD amount specified so we payed in Thai Baht (420THB) and dollas ($3) seeing as we’d changed everything to Ringgit.

By this stage we had a lot of different currencies but not $10 in any one of them

We then had a real quick look around China town and grabbed some crap food from the 7/11 before heading to bed.

Next up Marina Bay,

*Worth noting that Joe brought me breakfast at the KL bus station which was a really good chicken mayo croissant from dunking doughnuts . Worth noting because in the UK he would never be so generous!


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